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About Us

SonoChem Centre is a start-up Company developed from the Sonochemistry Applied Research Centre at Coventry University. Our mission is to be a source of expertise in prototyping ultrasonic equipment for academia and industry and to take sonochemistry and ultrasonic processing to pilot and industrial scale.

This will be achieved by combining our experience and knowledge of the applications of ultrasound in chemistry and related fields through the prototyping of new ultrasonic equipment to industrially acceptable standards.

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Fields of Interest

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Implementation of ultrasonic techniques in:

  • Green chemistry and catalysis.
  • Environmental protection and remediation.
  • Food technologies.
  • Materials science and Nanoparticles preparation.
  • Electroprocessing and surface modification.
  • Textile finishing.
  • Extraction of natural products from plants.
  • Platform chemicals from vegetal raw materials.
  • Chemical reactions under ultrasound.
  • Renewable fuels.
  • Scale up of ultrasonic processes